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  • Automate your business administration from invoicing to warehousing

  • Reduce paperwork

  • Centralize all customer information in one place

  • Ready to use reporting format

  • Avoid server problems

  • Avoid data corruption

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Introducing Odoo Fast Track

The Quickest Way to Get Business Software for your company

What is Odoo Fast Track (Odoo Myan Myan/ Odoo ျမန္ျမန္)?

In Myanmar language we call it Odoo ျမန္ျမန္

  • Odoo Fast Track is a 10 day Odoo implementation program

  • A business management software backed by Odoo and is headquartered in Belgium

  • It is specially designed to help small business of different sizes to manage their business

What's included in the program?

You will receive the following services:

  • FREE consultation

  • FREE training

  • FREE support

  • Odoo ERP system in the cloud

Has any business used Odoo ERP system in Myanmar?

Yes, we have implemented many Odoo ERP system in Myanmar for big companies and large enterprises both local and foreign companies.

Check out their case study below

Case Study #1: Paramount Myanmar

Odoo image and text block

Paramount Myanmar is the first shop to sell server cabinets and data center accessories online. It does not have showroom nor a dedicated physical shop to display the products.

It converted traditional retail shop concepts into an online ecommerce platform to sell its data center products. 

Technology that they use:

Odoo ERP in the cloud comprises of:

* Odoo Accounting

* Odoo Inventory

* Odoo ecommerce 

The benefits of implemeting Odoo in the cloud for Paramount Myanmar?

* Convenience access for its customers to buy products 
* Customer can check products online on the website
* Management can check reporting any where, any time on any device
* Save money on renting shops 

Case Study #2: Metro Wholesale Myanmar

Odoo image and text block

Metro Wholesale Myanmar is a subsidiary of Metro AG, one of the largest wholesaler in the world.

They selected Odoo ERP for its operation in Myanmar.

The following Odoo ERP modules are currently in operation:

* Odoo Accounting
* Odoo ecommerce

Do you think you can use ERP system that is used by large companies in your business?

With our help and expertise, YES you can

YES, I am ready to join the program now. Please sign me up

So What exactly do you get?

Odoo Fast Track offers the fastest way to get your ERP system running from NO system to ONLINE system where you can access your information from ANY WHERE, ANY TIME and ON ANY DEVICE

Odoo Fast Track is a 10 day business IT program in which we get together and help you to plan your ERP design and implementation.

In this program you will get:

  • 3 day consultation

  • 1 day system configuration

  • 1 day user testing

  • 2 day training

  • 1 day on-site support on GO-LIVE

Option to choose Odoo Accounting OR Odoo HR

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Odoo Accounting - some quick modules to get you started

  • Invoicing   

  • Sales

  • Purshase

  • Warehouse


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Odoo HR - some modules to include customization to comply with Myanmar IRD

  • Payroll

  • Myanmar PIT and SSB

  • Leaves

  • Holidays

  • Recruitment

  • BONUS #1 - FREE 2 Day Support - worth $1000

  • BONUS #2 - FREE Cloud Hosting for 1 YEAR - worth $600

  • BONUS #3 - DISCOUNT of $1100

  • BONUS #4 - FREE Modules for Myanmar market - worth over $3000. Click for included modules

  • BONUS #5 - FREE support (Facebook Group and Online Chat ONLY) 

Total Program Valued at USD $9700.00 - You Pay ONLY USD $4500.00

A HUGE saving of USD $5200

I am READY But, I don't know HOW, I don't have technical SKILLS?

The good news is you don't NEED

  • to have IT department

  • to have technical skills

  • to buy and own expensive servers

  • to have HEADACHE

The Odoo Fast Track program is designed to help you implement business software in a very fast way supported by experts who have implemented many ERP system for large enterprise.

So, What do I need to be successful in Odoo Fast Track?

  • You are willing learn

  • You have time to think for your business

  • You want to work any where, any time and on any device

  • Your business is GROWING

  • Good Internet connection 

  • You are ready to make a small investment

Odoo Fast Track is NOT for you if

  • You don't have time to think for your business

  • You like to use paper instead of computer system

  • You don't like to learn new things

  • You don't like to have more time for your family

  • Your business is NOT growing

YES, I am ready to join the program now. Please sign me up