Why data does not match?

You have come to this page of Nisu Consulting because you wanted to find out why your data in Odoo does not match with your data on other software such as Excel, PeachTree etc.

Example 1:

Your accounting data in Odoo showing revenue of MMK 250,000,000 but in your Excel shows MMK 450,000,000

Example 2:

Your PL report in Excel is MMK 200,000,000 but PL report in Odoo is - MMK 25,000,000

Example 3:

Stock quantity in Excel is 500 pcs but in Odoo is only 450 pcs

If you have scenarios like that what would you do?

We have seen it all at Nisu Consulting. In fact, we have many clients who come from other providers seek help to solve such problems. 

Obviously the provider is not doing a good job, or does not have good knowledge about business process and business data. Lack of knowledge and experience commonly caused misconfiguration in Odoo that resulted in different data.

Nisu Consulting is regarded as the best Odoo consulting in Myanmar because we pay high attention to details to business data and help clients to migrate data (accounting data, HR data, payroll data) into Odoo. Because of our experience and expertise we can produce such a high accuracy data set between Odoo and Excel (for example) during the transition.

These data accuracy and high detail to attention have got Nisu Consulting regarded as the best and the most professional Odoo consulting firm in Myanmar.

Do you have such problems described above and need our expertise to solve the problems?  Contact us now