Having problem with Myanmar Unicode?

Unicode is not rendering properly

It's been long time when business owners in Myanmar had to decide whether to use Unicode or Zawgyi. 

During my consulting time in Myanmar, I have advised many people to switch to Unicode but the response that I got was "Zawgyi is more popular and used by majority of Myanmar people"

It was difficult to encourage people to move away from Zawgyi. 

But my reason was simple why use Unicode? Myanmar governtment officers are typing in Unicode on all their official documentations and all of government websites use Unicode.

I can see that Myanmar government will be re-enforcing the use of Unicode.

And finally that time has come. The nation was switching to Unicode in October 2019.

That's where we come across some problems in using Unicode in Odoo.

Odoo image and text block

Are you using Myanmar Unicode in Odoo?

And you are printing invoices and got problems like the picture on the left hand side?

That's common problem in rendering characters other than English and it happens in Odoo as well especially Unicode. We did not observe this problem when using Zawgyi

The workaround

This is caused by WKHTMLTOPDF not rendering proplery and it has been reported to WKHTMLTOPDF by Odoo. Until WKHTMLTOPDF fixes it, please follow the steps to prevent rendering problems:

1. Go to Settings -> Developer Tools / Activate the Developer Mode

2. In Settings go to the menu : Technical -> Reporting / Reports

3. Choose "Quotation / Order" and Click Save

4. Change the Report Type from "PDF" to "HTML"

5. Go to the documentation that you want to print out (in this example, I will print out a Quotation

6. Click on Print -> Quotation / Order. If you have done the step 4. correctly, you should be redirected to an HTML page with your quotation

7. Use the printing option of your browser (do NOT use the "print" button on the top left). It is probably Ctrl + P ( Cmd + P if on Mac), it depends of your browser

8. In the printing prompt, you should have an option to directly "Save as PDF" as the Destination or Click Print

9. If you want to send it as email, go back to the quotation and click Send by Email

10. Remove the automatic attachment of the quotation and attach the PDF that you generated in step 8

11. Send the email with the new PDF. The new PDF will be rendered properly like the screenshot below

And there you go, a nice looking properly rendered quotation in Myanmar Unicode. We hope this guideline is useful for you. Thank you.